Sunday, October 21, 2007

Drought Still Here....Maybe Fading?

Since it is the fall, and we hunt, hike, fish, and kayak in wetlands here in the Mid-Atlantic, some of my time on the road has been spent looking guessed it...places to hunt for the winter. Unfortunately the current drought has left most of the best wetlands about 10" to 18" too low in water to really be considered useful to ducks (or duck hunters, for that matter). The neat thing is that most wetlands that are still holding water have become an oasis for wildlife, until more rain comes.

Fall finally arrives!

After a near endless summer, continuing drought, no hurricane surf, no fall-quality fishing, and no ducks flying in this part of the world, the hot, dry weather appears to have broken! Hopefully this is the beginning of a more normal season!

I am heading down to the beach to present at a conference. Hopefully will also find some waves or fish in the water. More updates from there!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


With this unusually dry and warm fall, we are running all over trying to put wildlife habitat back on the ground. Usually by this time of year, the soils are way too saturated and muddy to utilize our favorite habitat restoration tool:

So the last few weeks have kinda been like those weeks where you wake up and you're SURE it's friday, but then around 2pm, you realize that it is actually monday...again. We enjoy doing this stuff, but overseeing the work (we are short 3 warm bodies right now) for the last 6 months (we only usually get about 4 good, dry, warm months a year) has been really exciting and really taxing on everybody. It's wednesday and let's look at where my travels are taking me this week:

Anyway, time to hit the road. Got more habitat to work on tomorrow....300 miles from here!