Monday, November 19, 2007

Blues Music Weather

Looked at some new wetland restoration sites for next year. Old farms full of ditches...gotta love farming wetlands. Spent all evening drinking and listening to Mississippi John Hurt. The fall is definitely here. If it keeps up (gasp), we may actually have a winter season this year. God forbid.

And by the way, as a rabid blues fan, it's always been interesting to me that people associate blues music and bluegrass with fall weather. While part of that may be truly cultural (although revivals were usually held in the summer, not the fall), the fall is generally a time of content in agrarian America. The crops come off the field and the farmer gets enough money to hopefully sustain him & his through the winter (hopefully longer - until greens or wheat come off in the late spring).

Milkweed. Our yard. Baltimore.

Then again, much of traditional oral blues & bluegrass is prison music. But there - prison is open 12 months a again, why fall? This is getting tedious.

On a more pointless but entertaining note, looking forward to one of the last real weeks of college football.....which will be followed by another 8 months of ignoring the TV! This week, the ol' Hokies take on the Gay Swordsmen, err, Cavaliers, of UVA. Should be a great game!

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