Wednesday, November 21, 2007

First Day off in 3 months!

Thank God I am not working today. We are heading up to NYC (Queens) to visit the Swamp Thing clan for thanksgiving. NYC is always an oddity to me. I always look forward to going, and often.......I look forward to leaving there. NYC at night is like a much can forget about all the other things that are important to you and just look around and enjoy the sights - kind of like real wilderness. Ooh, the dichotomy.

While we are up there, Amy and I expect to get a full dose of "Crazy Swiss Grandma." Topics for discussion will include:

1) "Where are my gold lamps from that cruise to Korea?"

2) "Who wants herring?"

3) "Where is your father?"

On another note, a whole barrage of friends from Baltimore will also be in Queens visiting crazy old grandparents so we'll just make it..........uggh.......we'll all make the best of it. The advanced screenings of the Joe Strummer biopic "The Future is Unwritten" are still going on in Manhattan so we are definitely going to see that. Amy talked to the film promoter and found out that it still hasn't been picked up by a distributor....weird...

I'll let you know how the movie is and we'll send some "hilarious" updates from the family fun. I hope everybody has a long, relaxing weekend. Except the UVA football team, who I hope get their asses worn out by Virginia Tech.

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