Sunday, December 2, 2007

More Weather!

Night 'Maters. Fall 2006. 35mm canon with flash.

Gray weather and wintery-ness all around. Flora and fauna seem a little surprised - songbirds everywhere in the light rain, trying to find some good food (our yard is full of berries and seeds) before the heavy weather really sets in. Our winter groundcover (clovers and austrian peas) all germinated VERY late due to the drought, and is not really established well enough to tolerate frost and freezing rain. Guess we'll see how that goes!

On the other hand - great day of football yesterday as I was able to watch both my schools (Appalachian State and Virginia Tech) thrash their opponents in important post-season games!

For a good wrap-up of Appalachian State football, visit my friends at the Blue Ridge Blog . My Hokies will be looking forward to a trip to the Orange Bowl (opponent to be revealed at 8pm sunday). I hope everybody has a good week, and I'll hit y'all later!

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