Thursday, December 6, 2007

Real snow

Wow...first powder I have seen in about 2 or 3 years...and first time we have had a real December snow event in just as long. Wildlife are all scurrying about looking for food - the woods are thick with deer, rabbits, and songbirds, and I have a feeling that when late duck season opens next week, we will be overrun with ducks and geese. For right now, though, it's a blast watching the juncos, nuthatches, and woodpeckers war over the rest of the berries on the viburnums. At one point it was pretty obvious that they were all pretty hungry, so I supplemented the real bird food (viburnums, golden millet, spicebush, etc), with some cheap bird food in the feeder and on the snow. That seemed to alleviate the tension a little bit.

For as similar as they are, the nuthatches and woodpeckers feed very differently - the nuthatches hang out on tree trunks, frequently hitting the feeder or the bushes for just a small morsel of food; while the woodpeckers (downy) only occasionally cruise down off the tree trunks and seem to grab several beakfuls of food before returning to their perch. Neat to watch.

I planned to visit a few farms today west and north of here, but that was kind of pointless since those areas got upward of a foot of snow. Here's a few pix from around the haus. PS the scarf was not our idea.

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