Saturday, December 15, 2007

Success on ice

Just returned from our trip to the Lehigh Valley (eastern PA), where the weather was fairly cooperative (low 20s at night, mid-30s during daylight; freezing rain). We harvested 30 or so Canada geese and a few snow geese; the canada geese were primarily fat resident birds who roost in limestone quarries and eat the lawns of the many new industrial facilities in the area. A few migrant geese, including the snow geese, were in the mix. More photos on the way!

At this time I would like to sing the praises of Gore-tex and all other similar, environmentally destructive waterproofing chemicals.

We got PELTED with ice, rain, and freezing rain for 2 days and I simply did not get wet or cold. I had on my Cabela's duck coat and some goofy "Field and Stream" insulated bibs (on sale for $29 at Dick's), and rubber boots & gloves, and a gore-tex balaclava. That's pretty much it! It's amazing how far outdoor gear has come in the last 20 years. Obviously there is some correlation between product development and peoples' willingness to pay for gear that will keep them warm and dry.

Tons of great photos on the way and special thanks to Scotty & Ted for scouting the area and getting the farmers' permission to hunt their fields.

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