Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Survival of the Most Patient

I am crossing my fingers, but I passed an important bunch of milestones at work today, which will allow me to better......SCREW OFF for the rest of the year! You heard it right here - I have approved vacation for at 1/2 a day, every day, until January 2. Upcoming fun-ness involves
  • hunting the Lehigh Valley for geese (2 days)
  • hunting coastal Maryland for my first black duck of the season (could take several days)
  • first bow hunt of the fall (pathetic, I know)
  • hunting beaver ponds for ducks in central Virginia
  • hunting coastal Virginia for diving ducks

Thule - waiting; January 2007

It is really exciting to get into the guts of hunting season (no pun intended) and surround myself with nature again for a couple of months. Being able to eat wild game and organic meat (instead of grocery store, saline-injected chicken) is very important to us, and frankly, the freezer has been empty for awhile around here.

Secret Spot - Southern Virginia

The most important part is BEING THERE. Being out in the marsh or the woods in the fall is at worst, a near-religious experience, and often a test of anyone's patience. When you ask a hunter about their favorite hunting moments, often they'll tell you about a time they saw something unique.....and unhuntable. River otters, loons, dolphins, minks and weasels, eagles and owls. All this wildlife is out there for us to see. So whether you hunt or not - GET OUT THERE! See some of our amazing wildlife before it all goes into hibernation or migrates south for the winter.

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