Thursday, January 10, 2008

T Dogg Update - Panama

OK, well here is the deal for Panama now.... It doesnt look like this barge is going anywherefast. It is hard to tell because now the USCG and the American Bureau of Shipping are involved. Bottom line - no one wants to put their neck out to let us leave. Also, offloading sugar from the busted up barge is a problem because we are hauling sugar from Guatemala, and Panama sugar docks will only handle Panamanian raw sugar.

Our crew is pretty down and out. Everyone is pretty much done sightseeing the third world areas of central america. Anyway the captain called our HQ in maryland, and told them to start thinking about crew changes. Some of the guys need to get home and some just want to go home. My major problem with that is the mound of paperwork that has to get approved because I am still waiting on my new passport. So in other words, we have no idea what is going on because there are too many variables.

I do know I miss american stuff like toilet paper that doesnt feel like recycled cardboard and hamburger meat that isnt 50% beef 50% rufus the old dog.

peace out tyler

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