Thursday, February 28, 2008

Possum Hunter

A certain loveable lab decided that the rent was due for our backyard possum. Apparently the possum was not quite ready to leave his lair under our deck, and decided to protest the aforementioned eviction notice by biting Ro in the chin. We let it go for about 24 hours until the swelling was really ridiculous (about 4x worse than this photo), then paid a late night visit to our friends at Falls Road Animal Hospital . 1 hour and $210 later, we had some antibiotics, a nice anti-inflammatory injection, and a sleepy dog.


Tom said...

Ouch! Did he get the job done? Was the opossum evicted?


Swamp Thing said...

Usually, opossums (unlike raccoons, foxes, etc.) will leave under pressure. They really enjoy being left alone. Ahh, the life of a marsupial.

Swamp Thing said...

Oops, didn't answer your question. I imagine the opossum will leave for awhile until it feels compelled to move back in (he and his kin are usually summer guests at our place). They have an artificially high population here in the 'burbs because they are willing to eat cat food (that people leave out on their porches for wild cats....don't get me started).