Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bird Seed Mix Update

Bird Seed Mix #2 has really shaken things up! Prior to the warm weather, the new seed mix resulted in about a 80% decline in squirrel visits (transition from peanut halves to cracked corn), and a significant increase in the number of wrens, and now titmice, visiting the yard. We are also now roosting about 2 dozen doves (not real excited about that), who apparently are big fans of the millet, since the concentration of sunflower seed has not changed. Juncos and chickadees are still in play.

Our local sharpshin is becoming very active and aggressive, swinging by at low altitude, at about 70mph, a few times a day. I can't get a good picture of him until he catches something and sits still for a moment.


Texas Travelers said...

Like your blog a lot. I have added it to my blogroll. It adds diversity. We have a resident Rhode Island Red in our back yard (maybe I'll post about that). A lot of the birds like to eat some of his Hen Scratch (when he isn't looking) and he is not above taking some bird seed on the ground. Cracked corn always goes first. It's all I can do to keep thistle out for the goldfinches. Anyway, again I like your stories and keep up the good work. Troy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by! What is it about corn? As far as birds are concerned, it is pretty useless food (except for immediate survival). But they sure seem to love it.

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