Monday, March 3, 2008

Countdown to Growing Season

It's easy to get distracted (or excited) by the 65 degree temperatures we had out here today, but the real news is our 3-day warm streak of low temperatures in the 30's (as recently as friday, the low was 17 degrees). The streak looks to continue for the forseeable future.....which means....spring is here!

High temperatures will come and go for the next 7 weeks, and many days will have temperature ranges in the neighborhood of Low 33, High 35. And it is pretty likely that we will get some more snow and ice before it's all said and done. But it looks like our very short winter, only about 6 weeks old, is headed out of town.

On the drought front, things are still pretty dicey. Some of the great wetlands we built in the fall still have not totally filled with water up to their prescribed elevation - and they'll start to evaporate in just another 6 weeks or so. Most of the reservoirs in Maryland are still down several feet. And in addition to receiving no snow events over 6" in depth, we are receiving very little rainfall during what is typically our wettest time of year.

But we have our first crocii, Crocus vernus "Bowles", and Crocus vernus "Pickwick." The first harbingers of spring. Large flocks of migrating robins are next in line! And after that - frog, toad, and salamander eggs (my favorite)!

60 days until growing season.


Tom Arbour said...

Thing- Yep, it is amazing how one or two warms days just brings everything to life. Maybe that's why it is called spring. It just springs up over night.


Kirk Mantay said...

As long as those 15 degree days stay gone until the 2008 duck season, you can call it whatever you want - spring, vernus, babaganoush, whatever!

I do feel a little bit guilty becuase it's been about 4 years since we've had a real winter out here. Oh well. SPRINGTIME!

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