Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Inner Birder Post

Thanks to Pines Above Snow ( )for wrapping me into this welcome mid-week distraction! So here is my first meme - my thoughts on birds in 6 words:

Twilight fog
Whistling wings
Safe harbor

I instantly thought of that - a really special morning in the Delaware marsh (2006, the day I took this picture), full of bird activity, and a truly horrible and awful duck hunt. The ducks couldn't see the decoys, and wanted no part of the little pothole (a wigeongrass flat) where I was sitting. But since I wasn't shooting up the marsh, shorebirds and ducks were moving through - right above the fog, right over my head....all I could hear were different types of wings moving through. They never stopped, all morning. When the fog lifted, it was amazing to see the diversity of birds sitting out on the open harbor.

So here are the "birdy" folks whose blogs I read regularly:

Ohio Nature Blog
Blue Ridge Blog

Sorry there's only 3...but a man can only blog so much. More this weekend!


Texas Travelers said...

I really like the feel of the fog photo.

pinenut said...

Very fine. Wish I'd been there.

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