Monday, March 10, 2008

Wood Duck Box Visitors

Brown-phase screech owl in the wood duck box! (borrowed photo)

Well, the spring migration is on! And not just ducks and songbirds. A local duck hunter, who maintains a few dozen wood duck boxes on the eastern shore of Maryland, was cleaning out the wood duck boxes and found these fellas. Both gray and brown phase too!
I have heard of all kinds of critters using wood duck boxes...but screech owls? Seriously?

And if you are cleaning out debris to enhance nesting for one migratory bird, and you inadvertantly disturb a protected migratory bird, I mean.....?....

Anyway, check 'em out! Cool little guys.

Gray Phase

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MUD said...

Hello swamp thing. I am known as "Mean Uncle Denny" to my nieces or MUD for short. We live in the heartland near Topeka, KS and seem to share a lot of common interests. I watch our feeder and take a lot of pictures. I don't spend as much time outside as in but hey, after 60 years of being outside, I deserve to be in as much as I want. Come on over to my blog and see if you like out Louisiana trip pictures. MUD

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