Saturday, April 19, 2008

DIY, Alcoholic Style

Catbird stealing my elderberries...2007
I know that I'm a bit of an odd bird.
In the 10 years since I've finished grad school, I have:
  • grown tobacco (succeeded)
  • grown cotton (failed)
  • learned how to clone plants
  • learned to make soap
  • learned to make wine
  • learned to grow oysters
  • learned how to build a pond
  • learned how to frame a room

Anyway, I am working on the next notch in my cap, or whatever. I am making my first batch of wine from fruit that I actually grew. Of course, it could never be easy, like from grapes that I grew (grapes do not grow well in our climate without heavy pesticides and fungicides).

Nope. Instead, I am making elderberry wine today. I didn't have quite enough frozen elderberries from last year's harvest (see picture above, for the reason), so I am adding a few blackberries (Arapaho and Alleghany) that I grew last year.

Thawing out the fruit

Yes, sadly it is a little complicated to make (tasty and sanitary) wine directly from fruit!

Current small batch of apple wine


MUD said...

When I lived in Ottawa KS I tried Chicken farming. I darned near went broke. Couldn't figure out if I was plantint them too close together or wrong side up. MUD

tugboatdude said...

You should try and make wine out of cherokee hair and rhubard root that's the york county way

Swamp Thing said...

MUD - from what little I've learned about raising chickens, the best plan seems to be just to open your wallet and give your cash directly to the hawks and foxes in the area.

T - Real nice. Although I was thinking loblolly pollen, dandelion roots, and creek mud.

YT (NuTtY pRoFeSsOr) said...

I'd try leaking nodjules folliculitis quiche w/ frumunda cheeze! This makes a great wine/ cheese/ crumpet afternoon of supreme wheat banquet celebration!

Swamp Thing said...

That is horrible. Yet hilarious.

tres_arboles said...

Hey swampy! Thanks for stopping by my place and commmenting last week. You got nice little complement of DIY stuff there that shold serve you well for the rest of your life! As for me, I have friends in wine and oyster out here so I should be in good hands for the rest of mine!

BTW--One of our more powerful congressmen is working on legislation to create a Puget Sound equivalent to the Federal Chesapeake Bay program. I'd be interested in your insights into how that (Chesapeake) program works and whether a western analog has a chance also!

David, Seattle

Swamp Thing said...

Tres - I will hit you with an email on the topic! Thanks for the visit!