Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Swamped....In a bad way!

I have been given the onerous task of raising $500,000 for our office by the end of the calendar year. What does that mean? Sitting at my desk an awful lot. Seriously - it's kind of interesting. In our "senior seminar" at college in 1996, our "crazy old professor" told us that

"Everyone in the wildlife field has to be a salesperson. There are no more "wilderness jobs" or "lab jobs" where you don't have to go in front of the public, or Congress, or your boss's boss, and defend the very existence of your office, your job, and your budget. If you cannot turn what's important to you, into what's important to the public, then your career will not survive."

At the moment, I thought it was complete lunacy! 12 years later....well, Dr. Giles might have understated it. Anybody out there who wants to be any type of engineer or biologist - you need to take a business class, or a marketing class, or a writing class, or a public speaking class. Trust me!

Anyway...back to writing...hopefully more adventures in a few days!

24 days 'til growing season!


Tom Arbour said...

I here what you are saying and what Dr. Giles said!



the last three letters of my word verification were fku. Thanks blogger!


Texas Travelers said...

You can add typing to that list. Back in the days before computers, I was lucky enough that my parents thought I should take 2 years of typing (an elective then). I certainly am glad that I did.

Now they routinely teach keyboarding. How life's requirements change.

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