Saturday, May 10, 2008

Drying Out

Tools of the Trade: Gore-Tex Camo, Muck Boots, Sport Coat, Hotel Room.

What an interesting run of days that was! Extreme travel + uneventful birding, hunting, and fishing makes for pretty boring blogging. Got skunked while turkey hunting this very turkey-licious spot:

Heard two gobblers, but one was headed down into the swamp, and the other one was already down in the swamp.

Saltwater fishing on the shallows of the Poquoson River was not much more productive:

Bye-bye, $7 swim bait. A bluefish apparently thought it would be tasty. We (the boat) landed one fish, an 18" flounder (legal minimum is 19"). That's it.

Oh well, I am going to make like Tugg here, and take a nap until the weather clears out a little more. 5 straight days of much-needed rain!

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