Thursday, May 22, 2008

Norf Cackillacky!

Hellz no I don't love NC Hip Hop! I had no idea that such a thing existed. I myself am a product of the land of the Neptunes, Clipse, and Michael Vick! Which is the 757!

OK enough silliness. After a RUTHLESS but short week (47 hours in 4 days), we are taking friday off and driving to western North Carolina, the land of (besides, apparently, hip hop) large trucks (my tacoma on offroad 31's doesn't rate!), largemouth bass, pulled pork BBQ, and people who are intensely serious Southern Baptists. I am talking 36 baptist churches in one county (according to Anyway, I am looking forward to some good fishing. We've been rained out over, and over, and over again up here in Maryland over the last two weeks.

Some words from Mojo:

Gonna go back home, back to Carolina

Gonna go back home and see my Dad

Gonna go back home, back to Carolina,

Gonna go back to those things I had

I wanna back where the barbeque's good

Racecars run like they should

Wanna go back where the trees are green

Ain't no hipsters makin' no scene

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