Friday, May 30, 2008

How Does the Garden Grow?

(pix tomorrow)

I have no idea what's going on in the weather. We had a very mild and warm late winter/early spring, and then a straight month of rain and cool temperatures (April), and now we are essentially into summer weather. I'm perplexed: all of our blackberries (6 different varieties, 20+ plants) have set fruit.

And the elderberries are 8' tall (I cut the stalks to 12" every February), and ready to bloom.

And the spiderwort has grown so tall that it FELL OVER.....and then bloomed.

The herbs, especially the mints, are all growing out of control. It begs the question - what next?

I'm anticipating a hot, dry summer.


Dave Coulter said...

Hey RMB,

Saw your blog at Pines Above Snow!
So far our spring has been cool, which followed a winter that was typically cold and snowy. I have a hunch summer will arrive, but late. (Sounds like a forecast, lol)

Hope the fish are biting. I just got my license renewed. Look out bluegill!

MUD said...

Here in the Heartland, we are having a cool wet start to the summer. It rained almost every day this week and my Master Gardner had to replant almost all of our garden. Some kind of bug attacked and she went on the offense with a bug poison mixed last year. That stuff just killed everything that the bugs didn't. It all looks good now. Goof luck.
MUD, Rabbit Run farms, Tecumseh, KS

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