Sunday, June 29, 2008

Garden Progress late June

Honeybee on perennial Salvia "Midnight", photo by Amy

It is hotter than the surface of the sun this weekend, so I am not chasing fish or any other kind of wildlife for that matter. Here's what's going on at home!

The bees are less interested in the Clematis...

...but very interested in the Common Milkweed. I put Milkweed seed out in 2005, first got plants in 2007, and got our first blooms this summer. They are so pale that I think the wildflower patch needs a dose of manure in the spring...

Here are the summer's first tomatoes, Tiny Sweet Million. We have the bees to thank for them also.

One of the problems with heavily-modified flowers is that in the pursuit for color, or tolerance to some kind of plant stress, the horticulturalists often select-out the scents attractive to bees and pollinators. Not one bee will visit this Bee Balm (Raspberry Wine) this summer.

We have several, but not an abundance of, Carolina Mantis juveniles. I wonder how they got here? I saw one yesterday that was about 1" long...hopefully not the last survivor!

Not all visitors are welcome. Cutworms have torn up my tobacco plot twice this summer already. During the first infestation, they also whooped up on my Scotch Bonnet Peppers. We have an overly bird-friendly yard, but unfortunately the cutworms usually come out only at night, when the birds aren't feeding.

Year's first sunflower - black oil.

One of several bullfrogs in our small pond. What's up with his left eye? Yes, those are mosquito larvae. Yes, I thought I had already killed them all!


Tom Sorenson said...

Those cut worms can sure wreck havoc on a pepper plant, I know. I never knew I'd be so educated in coming here - I had no idea about the horticulturists taking out the polen scent that attracts bees. Interesting.

If you ever want more milk weed, give us a call - it's a noxious weed over here.

Anonymous said...

you have taken a good decision.just look after your family..

Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Nice use of the macro setting on your camera. I often struggle with taking good close-up shots. What are you using for a camera?

Kirk Mantay said...

It's a new canon digital - still learning how to use it. I have a range of cameras available at work and home and it's a roll of the dice...everything from Leicas to the wife's 12x canon digital.

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