Thursday, July 17, 2008

Somebody's Slacking

Whitey catches the weekend's biggest bass - 2 or 3 lbs. Check out the humidity!
Summer is FULL ON down here. 80% humidity and temperatures in the 90's every single day. But the brothers came up this weekend and we caught a few fish. Whitey's big fish was bigger than it looks like in the picture, and the phenomenal thing is that it was caught on one of these:
Yes, a yellow crappie jig! We threw everything at them - poppers, spooks, plastic grubs, tubes, worms, and craws, panfish lures, name it, we used it. My favorite new choice didn't catch a DAMN thing - Rapala X-Rap Glass. It looked pretty cool in the water...I guess.

I was really slack and let T take all the pictures, so I have no good pictures of our fishing, our attendance at the DC United game vs. FC Guadalajara, or Amy's excellent shrimp boil, which put us all to sleep sunday night.

Long night at RFK stadium!

Old reservoir near our house. Fishing an abandoned bridge on a reservoir maintenance road from the 1930s. The air and lake water was extremely warm but the water from this spring was freezing cold. We caught a few sunfish....they were pretty unremarkable. Nice to get in the shade, though!

Most of the good fishing is done for our area until the temperatures drop, so I'll have to find some other way to keep entertained now!

The Three Merry Retards


tugboatdude said...

Im workin on the picture situation.Verizon is being full on wack in my area.

Tom Sorenson said...

You're braver than I'd be to hit the water in that kind of weather. Looks like it paid off on that one fish, anyhow.

Rabid Outdoorsman said...

I will never complain about the heat and/or the humidity in Maine again . . . nice fish BTW!

Kirk Mantay said...

We are idiots - the trip was scheduled like 6 weeks beforehand. The last 3 years, the weather in Maryland has been more like central North Carolina. Meaning that you can fish almost all through the winter, the deer don't go into rut until late November???, and the ducks never get this far south.

I told my wife today - can't we have just ONE cold year? Just to tell me that I'm not crazy, we do not live in the south anymore?

T. Brook Smith said...

Embrace the heat and it ceases to bother you after a after you become delirious and pass out.

Looks like a fun trip and that is a nice smallie...

...two pounds?

Is that really what the boga said??

Kirk Mantay said...

Seriously, it was a 2 pounder! I catch a lot of long but skinny bass around here and that sucker was fat and happy.

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