Sunday, August 31, 2008

Down and Out

Last week was just nasty. I am teaching college (community college - let's be real!) for the first time since I was in grad school myself, and class started last week. In addition, I submitted two grant requests for wetland restoration funding (one for $160,000 and one for $860,000) at my "regular" job. Plus, although I really haven't gotten into this topic at all on the blog, I am really trying to lose weight before hunting season gets into high gear. To date I have lost somewhere between 17 and 19.5 lbs, out of about 50 total that I really should lose. So it has been a little ugly.

This weekend I got to come down and see Brother 1 and Brother 2 down in Virginia Beach, my old stomping grounds. We did some early scouting for duck spots, watched Virginia Tech lose to East Carolina in football (boo), watched UVA lose to Southern Cal in football (hooray), and apparently we found a nest of seed ticks in the marsh. Lucky the sister in law is a physicians assistant, because I have somewhere around 300-500 tick bites this morning.

Anyway, the marsh was beautiful as always, and holds the promise of some really fun days this winter. Since diving duck hunting has been all but eliminated from our flyway this year (0 canvasbacks and 1 scaup per day), we are really focusing on spots that will hold our other coastal "usual suspects" - black ducks, wood ducks, and greenwing teal. Enjoy the pictures.

Our new motto - "Get Drunk and Be Somebody" - hat found in an abandoned fire pit.


swamp4me said...

Oh man, I hate seed ticks! Hope the bites don't itch you to death.
And congrats on losing the weight that you have -- taking it off is always harder than putting it on. Sure, maybe you want to lose more, but you gotta start somewhere.
One more thing, that should be "ECU beat VT, oh yes!!!" (Yeah, I'm one of those crazy ECU alums.)
Hope next week is better.

tugboatdude said...

Dude did you have to poat that damn pic of me in the hat.That's fine it's on now!

Kirk Mantay said...

Well apparently we picked up chiggers too, because my ankles and knees are torn up with them. Sunday & monday were pretty uncomfortable with all of those bites!

I do not believe that ECU beat Tech. That was unreal. I can't say that Tech deserved to win, though. This week better be better - Tech is playing FURMAN!

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