Saturday, August 2, 2008

No Elderberry Wine This Year!

Black Elderberry, "You are the Quarry"
We had a gigantic storm move through overnight, and for whatever reason, it motivated the songbirds to feed like maniacs this morning. In our small yard, I counted over a dozen cardinals, a dozen catbirds, plus the other folks I rarely see in the summer - brown creeper, titmouse, and song sparrow, to name a few. About half of the entire crop of elderberries disappeared in 90 minutes, and about 2/3 of our blackberries, as well. Damnit!

Female Cardinal arrived near the end of the berry binge

Male Cardinal is on top of the situation

The catbirds have gotten so fat and lazy on berries that they are now content to pluck them off while standing on the fire pit. Why work for it?

Juvenile cardinal is pretty pleased with himself


tugboatdude said...

yeah that storm was only a little ridiculous.Chesapeake city shipyard had a few trees down and I was awake at 4 am for the show put on by mother nature.

Kirk Mantay said...

You and me both. Roan was pacing all around the bedroom once the thunder got real local.

Where is your yard, relative to the Rte 213 bridge?

tugboatdude said...

A whole 2 hundred yards if get down the bridge and its the first left coming from the east side.that's what i'm told I don't know because the cameras are watching isn't that fun.

Anonymous said...

Somebody's watchin' me.....

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