Sunday, August 17, 2008

Old Timey Sunday

Jerusalem Gun Works, ca. 1771
We spent sunday afternoon at Jerusalem Mill Village, a section of Gunpowder State Park in Central Maryland. The site was colonized by tobacco-growing English folks, notably Mr. Hempstead (Hampstead, Maryland is about 25 miles to the west) in the 1680s. A few notable skirmishes occurred on the site in 1779 (British attempt to overtake the Gun Works) and 1864 (Confederate Troops looting, errr, "commanding provisions" at the General Store).

Original Jerusalem Mill Structure, ca. 1687-1722

Also pretty interesting was that we showed up on "Vintage Baseball Sunday." I previously had no idea that such a thing exists. We watched a pretty entertaining game between the Chesapeake & Potomac Baseball Club and the Elkton Eclipse, two (apparently) local vintage ball clubs. I know very little about baseball history but I was not surprised - no balls or strikes, "one bounce rule," and of baseball gloves.

The amount of base stealing was totally ridiculous, with numerous batters hitting to first, and then stealing second.....then stealing third.

Huzzah, Rhubarb steals second while Shazam looks for the ball in the weeds.

My late grandfather, a Brooklyn native, part-time sports writer, and life-long fan of the long-gone New York Giants (baseball club) and the Brooklyn Dodgers, would have been very pleased. The only thing that could have made it more perfect would to have had my grandfather there.....and possibly to have the Two Man Gentleman Band playing in the background.


Candy said...

Very cool! I've never heard of vintage baseball but it sounds really neat. I wonder if they have a professional rolly bat league?

tugboatdude said...

That's sweet!We should get involved with that and by get involved I mean go,watch and drink beer.

Kirk Mantay said...

Awesome. From what I can tell, the teams are primarily in the upper midwest and the northeast.

The teams we saw were clearly full of semi-pro softball players.

We should probably not heckle the players too much, seeing as how they do batting practice with a sledgehammer instead of a bat.

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