Sunday, September 14, 2008

Now What?

Well, I have monday off from work and I am definitely going to be outside. I have three great options:

1) bass fishing at the 3,000 acre reservoir 15 minutes from our house

2) bow hunting at the same reservoir (opening day!), which has not been hunted for over 60 years (this is the first year they're opening the area to bow hunters)

3) bow hunting at a very high quality farm about 90 minutes from home (opening day!)

Now, all of those things sound pretty great (to me), but check out the weather:

Monday Sep 15
High: 87 °F RealFeel®: 82 °F
Winds:WNW at 15mph
Wind Gusts: 27 mph

27mph winds!?! I can't decide what's worse in that weather - bowhunting or topwater fishing!



tugboatdude said...

That's an easy one,if you have done any scouting on your deer areas.I would go to the lake and find a quality deer to harvest by 9am and be home by 10 which puts you cleaning the deer by 10:30 and in nap land by noon.That's a no brainer.Honeatly yeah I know the weather is getting ready to change big time up here in Albany.Highs in the low 80's then Wednesday high of 70 low of 48.The geese,mallards and woodies are getting ready to move,I'm excited.

Downeast Duck Hunter said...

Coming from an outdoorsman who finds 30 degrees a "tad" chilly, I would hit the bow hunting and just be sure of a quality shot... Gusts up to 30 mph would even keep me out of my lobster boat... I'm boggled at the fact that my wife "had" to turn on the heat here in Maine and it's 58 degrees here, I guess I should start having her pay the heating oil bill...

Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Go with deer hunting. I have been going out in our "expanded archery zones" when I can and hope to go back out this weekend . . . hope to harvest my FIRST deer this year with the bow!

DEDH . . . 58 and turning the heat on?!?!? She's C-R-A-Z-Y! :) LOL!

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