Saturday, October 11, 2008

Duck Season's Around the Corner

Scouting after a long week of work - friday evening at a beaver swamp in northeastern Maryland, October 10, 2008 - just add water, cold weather, and ducks.
In Maryland, you can really feel it in the air now. One week 'til the first split of duck season. While daytime temperatures are still in the upper 70s, nighttime temperatures are regularly dipping into the low 50s, and almost every night, I can hear geese and ducks flying and calling....despite the fact that we live in a suburb near I-95. Geese are feeding for an hour or so each morning on freshly cut corn, and of course, young winter wheat. The ducks are really staying out in the marshes and open water. No need for them to look for food just yet. Eventually, they'll be here. During the warmest part of each afternoon, "summer wildlife" is out in abundance. Hopefully that's a sign that fall is really coming.

Southern Leopard Frog, Cecil County MD

Bumblebee on Black Adder Hyssop - our yard, Oct 11, 2008

Pickerel Frog plays it safe - Kent County, MD Oct 10, 2008

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