Friday, October 17, 2008

First Archery Day

Not quite shooting time!
Well, archery season has been in down here for a month, but you wouldn't know it. Work and life have been busy, and honestly, I have been putting more effort into getting ready for duck season, and hoping (against hope) that maybe I could go surfing just one more time before the water gets cold. Anyway, today was my first chance, and it was really great to get out.

Oak-Pine forest with holly, bay, and blueberry in the shrub layer

I'll have to change things up for my next visit to this particular farm, because when I was getting close to my tree stand (about 5:50 am), I turned on my head lamp to see exactly where it was. I saw a beady set of eyes.....which in bow season, is usually a fox. I walked about 3 more steps and saw....about 15 sets of beady eyes! The entire deer herd has been sleeping under my stand!!!! Which equates to great evening hunting, but....well....keep reading.

So I turned the light off, but they jumped off and spun out into the woods. They never came back. More deer worked their way into that forest stand, but they were working a small draw about 80 yards inside where I was, in very thick brush. I could hear them, and could often see a nose, or a hoof, or a tail inbetween blueberry stems, but they had no interest in getting closer to the edge of the forest, where I was. I did not ever have a shot at a deer, but it was a great dry run. Nothing broke, everything went OK. We'll try that treestand in the evening next week sometime.


See you fools later. Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least you know the deer are there. That's something.

Rabid Outdoorsman said...

I have been out a few times with the bow. Saw three deer on the opening day and nothing since . . . will keep hopeful. Rifle season begins in a few weeks!

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