Saturday, November 22, 2008

Maryland AP Goose Hunt

(more pictures soon)

Enjoyed a fun morning out with two coworkers on Kent Island, a small spit of land bordered by the Chesapeake Bay and the mouth of the Chester River in Maryland. The island has been moderately developed over the last 20 years, so in the place of large farms are now small farmettes and a few subdivisions. We hunted a 12-acre soybean field between two salt creeks where a mix of resident and migratory geese are roosting at night. To the east, across the Chester River, are larger corporate and family farms where the geese feed twice a day (and sometimes at night). So obviously, the trick is to entice these birds to use the fields near the roost. To aid us in our quest, we hunted over about 5 dozen goose "stuffers" (see above), which are stuffed geese supported by wire, and mounted on small plywood boards. For concealment, we used an A-frame blind against a hedgerow, grassed with fresh cedar branches and switchgrass.
It was a moderately cold morning (about 30 degrees) and the geese were on the move about 30 minutes after sunrise. It wasn't cold enough to motivate them to really feed, so most of the birds were getting up off of the water, flying around, and landing back in one of the creeks without setting down to eat in the fields. We shot our first birds around 9am, another triple at 9:45am, and our last bird (no thanks to my shooting) at 11am, which placed us right at our limit. Then it was back to work, on the road. Great morning & a great start to goose season!

The farm we hunted is near the southern tip of the island


tugboatdude said...

HAHAHA stuffers?!That's just ridiculous!I need a few dozen of those,maybe bass pro will order me some.

Terry Scoville said...

Tough to beat stuffers! I am still in quest of my first wild goose chase this season. Congrats!

sallreen said...

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources finalized the 2008-2009 late waterfowl hunting seasons today. The seasons will feature a 60-day duck season, a 45-day migratory Canada goose season and a change to allow a three-bird bag limit for wood ducks.

Jon Roth said...

What a great hunt! Never seen a real life stuffer! :)

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