Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lessons in Staying Flexible

How'd you like to show up at this ramp for the first time, at 4:45am in the rain (no marina lighting of course)? (a lesson in scouting)
So....late waterfowl season opened today. As I sit at my desk, it's 38 degrees with light wind and rain. A perfect day for duck hunting. So what happened?
Option 1: hunting an isolated beaver swamp on the eastern shore of MD. Why not? The weather forecast was calling for 70 degree afternoon temperatures. This forecast didn't change until around the 11pm broadcast.
Option 2: hunting the lower Potomac River in a very productive private blind with the old tobacco farmers. Why not? I waited until 48 hours beforehand to commit, and the guys invited some other folks in the meantime.
Option 3: hunting the flooded rice along the Patuxent River with Mike. Why not? His transom is stuck down and the site is very shallow and muddy.
What's to learn? Always have an ace in the hole. Had I caught the correct weather forecast a few hours earlier, I would have probably seen some birds today. Oh well - one day lost.
So I'm definitely getting out thursday and friday mornings. Scouting's complete and logistics are all ready taken care of. Talk to y'all then!!!

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Downeast Duck Hunter said...

Give em hell, I'm crossing my fingers for a snow day tomorrow and if I'm rewarded, I've got a spot in the blind waiting!!!

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