Sunday, February 22, 2009

Winter Blahs

This is absolutely the toughest time of year. It's certainly no colder than January, but I'm often ill-prepared for the day's weather since there's little threat of it having a fatal impact on me during my walk from the front door to the truck, or from the truck to the office. Any other time of year, at any time of day, I can give you a detailed 72-hour forecast for the area where I plan to be on those days.
I was sitting around and thinking about the February blahs, and how completely unmotivated I feel right now, and it hit me. It has nothing to do with the weather, or the short daylight, because I battle those - quite happily - in December and January every year. I'm unmotivated because I have few (to no) extracurricular constraints on my schedule. Right now, I get home from work on friday, with absolutely nothing planned for the weekend. Why is that? Well, this past weekend, the forecast was for a high of 40 degrees on saturday and a high of 32 on sunday, with freezing rain all morning. Temperate enough to go out, but not quite enough to be inviting. Combine that with short day lengths and my inability to convince anybody else to go outside, and you have......sloth.
Things usually start to break loose in April, but this February has just been dreadful. The weather (near constant freezing rain with rain and snow mixed in) doesn't help, nor does the constant gloomy economic forecast. I'm working a second job (teaching) but the paychecks haven't started coming in yet...and the first few checks will be dedicated to sexy things like transferring a boat & trailer registration from VA to MD, and buying new pants and socks for work. In a transition that's both good and bad, I did our taxes the other day and found out that while we'll be receiving a refund check (yay!), it will be about 70% less than the refund we've received in years' past. Yeah "unfortunately" we paid off two student loans, and we're paying much less interest (due to loan age) on our mortgage and remaining student loan....which means...we didn't mean our deduction caps for the first time. How did that happen? Oh well.
I really want to be motivated, and I'm an "action" guy, but I'm just not feeling it right now. I'm happy that we both are still employed, but I know that things could change in 6 months or 12 months if the economy doesn't turn around. Guess I'm just keeping my head down and waiting for spring. Spring runs of fish, warmer surfing waters, and spring turkey season all come around in April. And we've got a fishing & surfing trip to Folly Beach, SC planned for the first week of April too. Maybe the mosquitos will chase away the cloud that's following me!


Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people are feeling like you are. It's been a rough winter in Michigan too, and our economic forecast is seriously dire. All you can do is try to stay as positive as possible and know that better things are coming.

Live to Hunt.... said...

I hear you Swamp, I am just trying to emerge from my own funk. I wrote about it also last week. It just seems to be a combination of things. Keep your chin up!