Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chickahominy River Fishing

Sunset on the tidal meanders of Morris Creek
Weather was ridiculously hot for April (air in the mid 90s), but sometimes a plan is a plan. I got to the Chickahominy River on friday afternoon, after spending most of the day staring at it from about 8 miles downstream in Mosquito Heaven. Tug was already onsite and we put the boat in the water to try to make the best of the outgoing tide.

A stressed out / sick bluegill, or a green / redbreast hybrid? Note the tiny lure - they wouldn't bite anything larger.
The fishing was definitely not hot, but we were. Initially Tyler landed a few small bass in the flooded arrowhead flats, using a beetle spin lure. A nicer bass (2lb or so) jumped the hook.

Tug's first largemouth of 2009. I have yet to catch mine, so I won't be judgin'. The bass were right up on the edge of the vegetation.

Now THAT'S what a bluegill is supposed to look like.
After landing a dozen or more small fish and losing water quickly, we retreated to the main channel and went after deep catfish. My rig kept stopping short of the channel (shouldn't have procrastinated on re-stringing the reel I guess), but Tug ended up with a few small channel catfish. We set up camp and were relieved by the falling air temperature.
Greater Yellowlegs stalking minnows
I awoke on saturday morning to the sound of gobbling turkeys - for an east coast "woodsman", that sound is sharper and more distinct than any other in the field, except perhaps that of the goose. We fished early in the morning with very little luck (a 10" inedible gizzard shad on my part), and eventually Brother Whitey showed up and we went back out to find some shade and some fish. The fishing again was very scarce, but we were at least able to land some small fish.
Great Blue Heron attempting to put its lunch out of its misery - either a catfish or an eel.


Jon Roth said...

Nice photography as usual Swamp. Sounds like a fun day out on the water.

vanckirby said...

that looks like a ton of fun!

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