Friday, April 3, 2009

Folly Island, Day 1

Fireworks and Palm Trees in the South Carolina is that?!
Day 1 of our South Carolina trip was definitely not what we expected. We arrived around 11pm the night before after a marathon 13 hour drive (thanks to having the old dog onboard) that should have been less than 10 hours. Anyhow, we're here. Remember my last post showing the weather moving in from the Gulf? Yeah, it's here too. In a big way.

After driving us insane throughout the entire drive, Digg Dugg is awful tired!

Surf wax and's that simple

I awoke early on the first morning to find driving rain, which was not a pleasant surprise, but the clean surf visible from our porch WAS a nice surprise. I loaded up and headed to an "isolated" spot (I'm not really serious) on central Folly Island and enjoyed some nice, mellow 2' surf in 55 degree water (thank God I brought my wetsuit), in the pouring rain. My only spectators were thousands of pelicans and white-winged scoters migrating north to their nesting grounds; my only competitors were a large number of young dolphins feeding on jumping menhaden in the surf. The rain ended, and the wind picked up, and the surfing window had effectively closed. The rain had left its mark though, in the way of coastal flooding throughout the entire Charleston area.

The only ibises we saw were feeding on earthworms on the James Island Municipal Golf Course. Classic......just classic.

South Charleston after a 3" rain. Lovely!
We made the best of the day and toured several state and county parks, boat landings, etc to try to get our bearings a little more set. Ate some BBQ, took a bunch of naps, and waited for the weather to break....maybe vacation in the rain ain't that bad after all.

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Toure Zeigler said...

Damn, that's a shitload of rain.

Glad to hear that you were still able to do some stuff.

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