Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sometimes It's All Wrong

Upper limits of Lake Roland, turning back into Upper Jones Falls
Sometimes I just get it right - right day, right barometer, right timing. And other times I just get it dreadfully wrong. On this day, we set out on our "neighborhood lake," a more or less abandoned reservoir from the 1800s, after the area's wettest May on record, the day after a major front moved through, with high air temperatures, high humidity, and a rising barometer. But, with a lot of things going on, it was an opportunity to get outdoors and to take my buddy & college roomate (1992 seems like a long time ago!) kayaking.
The high water in the reservoir made everything look different around my usual fishing spots, and the cloudy runoff didn't help. My woodpile where I landed 40+ crappie in 90 minutes last year was either pushed downstream, or sitting underwater somewhere. Hard to tell. I used every manner of small lure I could find, and nothing would bite. Finally, at the upper end of the lake, I saw some small bass moving around. Up into the stream that feeds the Lake (usually impassable, even by kayak), there were some neat 6 to 8' deep holes against scoured banks. I cast into them several times, finally figured out a retrieve that was enticing some fish bites, and then BLAM! I caught the day's first fish.
Okay, maybe it was more like blam, the day's first fish. This might be the smallest fish I have ever caught on a line. Oh well - the streak continues - at least I have been catching fish this year.

The channel has jumped its banks, making for an easy paddle around silt and sandbars
My next post will be a little more technical - I ran into several occasions this spring where I was targeting nesting in particular because the entire range of my casts was over top of a huge submerged bench full of nests. I didn't do well....but yes of course, I caught fish.

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tugboatdude said...

That's all that matters,catching fish.Once you catch something,then you can target the bigger more exciting fish

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