Monday, July 6, 2009

Jumping Head First

Some bad ideas make themselves apparent quite quickly. Others take time. And others are just good ideas in disguise. This tattoo does not fall into that category.
It has been an insane few weeks. MAN. On top of the whole "baby issue" (t minus 9 weeks), two deaths in the family in May and June, heavy layoffs at work (10% overall, 20% in our office), I was feeling like I didn't quite have enough going on in my life.
Lo and behold, my friend Mike sends me a a job advertisement for "Senior Manager - Wetland Restoration" at a local non-profit organization. I have been restoring wetlands as a profession for about 12 years now. So I take a gander at the job description...hmmm...sounds like what I already do, but with a lot more support staff.....and then I check the salary range - the low end was just below my current salary.....but the upper end was around 30% higher than my current salary. I jumped. Head first. And I got the job. And jumped again.
Long story short, here I am, on the day I have resigned from my dream job (dream job in theory, that is), working as a wetland restoration biologist for Ducks Unlimited, and I feel a little stunned. I love DU, and I don't regret - at all - the literal blood, sweat, and tears I put into working for them over the last several years. In fact, I look forward to continuing to support them financially. I really like my boss - he and I both came up through the trenches in private construction consulting/contracting, and I believe he's working his hardest, given limited options from his own supervisors (and theirs, and so on). I love the people I work with, and I love the projects I'm working on.
So, obviously, it sounds like leaving this job is a huge mistake. Maybe so. But... I am a strong believer in the theory that "opportunity never knocks at a convenient time." I have been waiting for an opportunity to move into "real" management for about 4 years. And although I left the corporate world quite willingly, I am currently earning (salary) what I earned in 2003 (salary+overtime). The opportunity came to add some responsibility, stay in the non-profit world, and also do right by my family (more time off and a little more pay).
Wow, when you say it like that, it doesn't sound so crazy after all.


swamp4me said...

Congratulations and best of luck in your new position. I think the job sounds great!

schnitzerPHOTO said...

Yeah! Nice work in taking the leap. I'll raise a PBR to growth, and knowing when to take a chance. Here's hoping for many good things ahead.

tugboatdude said...

you wouldn't ever forgive yourself if you let it pass you by.way to take a leap and a won't be easy as I'm sure you know but you can handle swampster

Mike Shimniok said...

Congratulations and best wishes with the new job! Seems like most opportunities that come along are for the better even if inconvenient. :)

Kristine Shreve said...

Congratulations. Sounds like you made the right move. It is always hard to leave something that has been a relatively good experience, even if you know it's time to go. I'm sure you'll do well and find that you've made the right decision.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good move to me! New chapters keep us fresh.


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