Friday, July 31, 2009

New Office Decisions

Map of the Ches. and Del. Bays - 1840 - sweet!
Okay, so under the heading of "life ain't so bad," I have started my new job and I'm also working pretty hard to get ready for the birth of our little boy. That has left me with very little time to screw around outdoors (although I spent the third day of my new job seine-netting fish in the marsh all day, which was pretty sweet). I've moved to a small non-profit that focuses on local-scale (in the Chesapeake Bay) wildlife habitat restoration - particularly tidal shorelines, fish habitat, wetlands, and oyster reefs. Now that I am "all growed up" and have a manager-type position, I have a manager-type office - currently barren of anything personal (yet). AND, I will be sitting in this office 2 to 4 days a week, unlike my previous "field biologist" jobs.
So I wanted to solicit your opinion. These are some posters I've picked out for the office walls. Most are regular poster-size, so I'll probably get two or three. Tell me which one you think are most likely to "tell a personal story," while not making my coworkers (or our donors) think, "That's weird - why would you hang THAT on the wall?" Thanks for your input!

Map of Virginia Beach, 1910

Canvasback Decoys (I will have several sitting on my bookshelf)

Wave/surfer, NC Outer Banks

Autographed Jobes Decoy Poster - 2 of my display decoys are Jobes blocks

Baja Norte wave & surfer

World's Most Dangerous Sharks - cool poster but perhaps not work appropriate?


Swamp Thing said...

PS my two current favorites are the 1840 Ches/Del Bay map and the NC Outer Banks sunset surf.

tugboatdude said...

definitely the outer banks one.I have a current,last year,map of the bay if you want it.Maybe you can get crafty and do a then and now type thing.Anyway congrats on the new office.

Dan said...

I'm with tugboatdude. The Outer Banks wave should definitely make the wall.

-- Dan
Outer Banks Revealed

Kristine Shreve said...

I like old maps myself. There's just something cool about them.

Anonymous said...

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