Saturday, October 10, 2009

Two Full Weeks of Parenthood

Hank is not easily bothered
So, if you stop by occasionally, you already know that my beautiful wife gave me a son a little over two weeks ago. Being 35, and with most of my friends already "with children," I tried really hard to anticipate what my life would be like. After two weeks at least, it seems like I had it nailed down, to some degree. What are some things that I didn't anticipate?
  1. How the #1 goal in my life suddenly became "to grow this baby," especially given how horrible I felt when the pediatrician says he's not gaining enough weight so far.
  2. How much coffee I actually need to survive day-to-day. Mind-blowing!
  3. How "sleeping inbetween your baby's feedings" is a joke, if you have a baby who squeaks and mumbles in his sleep, like ours.
  4. How productive I actually am with 3, 4, or 5 hours sleep. I thought I would be a zombie.
  5. How excited I am to go home from work and find out what Hank did that day, even though his activities are generally confined to sleeping, barfing, pooping, drooling, eating, and going wherever Momma wants to take him.
  6. That I have rarely felt as useless as when (luckily this is only about once a day) Hank is upset and there's nothing that he "needs" to make him un-upset...and there's nothing I can do for him.
  7. How about the sick amount of sports I am watching on TV - since half of the time I am saddled with a sleeping 10 lb sack of potatoes on my chest? From "Spanish Fly" light tackle salt water fishing to college football (GO HOKIES), the NFL, World Cup Soccer, and of course the MLB playoffs (Go Bombers!)
  8. The amount of love in my heart.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I am in a similar boat (33 with a newborn). Although I have the "training" of already having a two year old. Rest assured in knowing that he'll be sleeping trough the night before you know it (or after four months, whichever comes first). Good luck and enjoy!!!

R. Gabe Davis said...

Welcome to the club, remember we are responsiblel for the men of tomorrow, I still feel the pressure of not only being a good father but steering my son (now six)in the right direction. Good luck and God bless.

Jon Roth said...

Isn't it the most wonderful, hardest job you've ever had? I just love it and can't wait to get my son (who is now almost 10) out in the field this year. One piece of advice - time flies so enjoy every agonizing moment with that little one laying on your chest. Before you know it you'll be sack of potatoes will be too big to even carry. :(

Mike Shimniok said...

Can totally relate! Our baby Violet is 4 mo... she's now dropped to the 6th percentile for weight... tiny little peanut. We went through some rough times worrying about that. Hang in there. She also made noises sleeping and we took turns sleeping in the nursery for the first... what was it, couple months? The first two weeks in particular were brutal! The first couple months were hard... but it really, really does get better and easier once they sleep for several hours at a time. Congrats and enjoy as much as you can and try not to worry *too* much... :)


wow!your baby so cute!...congratulations my friend!

The Hunter's Wife said...

Congratulations! How adorable he is. Good luck! Don't think you'll get much sleep until .. oh .. say.. they move out. lol

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