Monday, February 22, 2010

Dreaming of Warm Water and Past Trips

Somewhere in Central America....???....
Somewhere in Central America, 2003 - 2006.

Surfer in the slot at reef Playa Negra, Costa Rica; 2003. Air: 102 degrees, Water: 69 degrees
Our crazy winter and snow have taken a toll us, both financially and mentally, and I'd really like to dream about future trips to beautiful warm places, but for now, I'll reflect on some recent scanned photos from older trips to the tropics. Central Maryland still looks like a war zone from our recent snow-a-thon, and I'm just very ready for the spring - gardening and fishing in another month; and then surfing and turkey hunting another 3-6 weeks after that.
We don't have any spare money to take a fun trip to a warm, sunny place, so I'll concentrate on some memories for now, and perhaps some "dream trips" for my next post.

Blue crab and fish with glowing eyes - Avellanas Estuary, Costa Rica.

The water in this estuary was insanely warm and full of wildlife. It flowed through the mangroves, into a small salt marsh, and emptied into the ocean near Avellanas, Costa Rica's "Little Hawaii." Avellanas is also the Spanish word for hazelnut.

Me, taking a serious drop on a serious wave near the Costa Rica / Nicaraugua border. Wave = 6 feet. Water depth = 1.5 feet. Bottom = sharp lava rock and deadly sea snakes.

Me again, one of my favorite surfing sessions of my entire life. Northwestern Costa Rica.
The waves weren't big but they were a lot of fun.

I don't believe I was that thin - 7 years and 50 lbs ago. One of my goals for 2010 is to start dropping weight (again) and spend more time surfing and kayaking. Note - we didn't have shirts or shoes on because the previous time we surfed in this area, our flip flops, shirts, and sunglasses were all stolen. Gotta love Central America! Second note - I was pale as a ghost because it was early April, and the sun was generally too strong to stay uncovered. This was a late afternoon surf, right before sunset.

Hope everybody else is managing through this tough late winter. Here's to warm weather, birds, bees, and flowers.......and tight lines, loud turkeys, and sunny days at the beach.


tugboatdude said...

I think I'm coming down with cabin fever and this post didn't help.

maryland fishing said...

Ah, yeah. Costa Rica... I was there in February 2005, when the temperature was a balmy 100 degrees, sunshine every day, beautiful beaches and women everywhere. Then, I fly back into Baltimore, snow a foot deep, colder than all get out. God... I wanna go back!

Nice pics.

{nUtTyPrOfFeSsOr} said...

time to go to the honkie hut

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