Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Enter, Spring!

Crocus "Flower Record" showed up in a big way last week

Spring is fully in and we are working just like the bees and ants outside to make the most of these cool sunny days. Hardly anything's in bloom except crocus and a few early daffodils, but the buds on the redbud and spicebush are both in place. Won't be long, now!

These smaller rock walls are still "bombed out and depleted" from the snow storms, but I've already started rebuilding them since this picture was taken a week ago

Blue Crab claw in the marsh

And even though Spring is just starting to seep in, everyone's thoughts have turned to summer. In the Mid-Atlantic, summer historically meant a bounty of Atlantic Blue Crabs. The population bottomed out around 1980 (at 5% of 1950's population), and has not shown any signs of rebounding. Bushels of "#1 large" male crabs, $30 in 1985, now fetch about $280-320 at the peak of demand in July (about a month before the peak harvest). Last year, sweeping regulations were put in place, once again, to try to encourage a little higher survival by the tasty blue crabs. We'll see in 2010 and 2011 if it had any effect - last year we literally couldn't afford to buy crabs.


tugboatdude said...

I think restaurants are the only people who bought local crab last year.Down in Virginia they were going for close to 200 late Summer.The backyard looks good,I think I have nly ever seen it after everything is past it's spring time prime

Kirk Mantay said...

Yeah that's true, you never visit between the end of duck season and the beginning of summer!

The restaurants in MD hardly ever buy local crab anymore because they can get it cheaper, and more dependably, and a better product from TX and LA.

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