Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Headed Down South & Good Riddance to March

So, we'll be headed south pretty soon. After our winter of 80" of snow, we've "enjoyed" an early spring with about 20" of rain...and it's not even April yet. It's time to get out of town. I don't have any great outdoor activities planned, but I seriously need a change of venue (and don't have the money to do it properly). So we're just going to hit the road for a few days and depend on the grace of others. Although it's upsetting that I won't be staring at warm waves and palm trees, I'll take central NC's pines and red clay on sunny spring days as a small consolation. See y'all around soon!
Enjoy some music by a few of NC's favorite sons and daughters while I'm gone:
Carolina Chocolate Drops - Hi Ho Fiddle I Day

1 comment:

swamp4me said...

Nothing could be finer! Have a great trip.

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