Thursday, March 11, 2010

They really do "Grow So Fast!"

I have completed my nap and would like to be removed from baby prison ASAP.
In many ways, parenthood is just like I envisioned it. It's fun and it's a mess. It's all-consuming, although some days less than others. One thing that's been amazing is the speed at which it's all happening. The picture above is recent - Hank is about 5 and a half months old. Every day he's less of a "baby" and more of a "little dude." Two weeks ago, he learned to sit up, but only using his arms. Earlier this week, he was sitting with his hands propped up on his legs. Starting yesterday, he no longer needed his hands to sit up (freeing his hands up for all kinds of other fun tasks). His little brain actually works. If I say "milk," he opens his mouth like a baby bird. Granted, we will have to work on that one before he "goes public." But it's cool for now.
On the other hand, I obviously had no idea what to expect from this experience. At the daily routine level, things are relatively predictable, i.e. his wake-up time, his bed time, and how often he eats and poops. Less predictable are the changes - the big ones - that happen when you are not looking. If you haven't experienced yourself, it will blow your mind. For instance, here he was, about 150 days ago.

Definitely not the same baby, right? But it is! And here's just another 100 or so days before that:

So as the Hankinator creeps up on his 6 month birthday, he is growing in fits and starts. One week, he could suddenly sit up, propping himself up on his hands. 10 days later - no hands at all. He's still not crawling, but I have a growing sense that the time between "starting to crawl" and "starting to walk" will be pretty short. It'll be an adventure, that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

It will never cease to amaze me how fast they grow!

My little man is going to be three at the end of the month and I'm pretty sure that we just brought him home from the hospital!

He is a very handsome little man your guy, but I'm sure you know that! Never hurts to hear it though ;-)

Anonymous said...

You'll be questioning evolution's pace soon enough!

Congrats!!! I have 4 and still love to see new one's come into the world.

Kirk Mantay said...

K - exactly our feelings! We brought Hank home in September and it feels like it's been one long winter since then. The little guy is definitely a looker, and MAN, does he love the attention he gets.

wandering owl - it is truly amazing. A month ago he couldn't even sit up. Now he is standing while just holding onto my hands for support. It's totally insane.

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