Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Independence Day!


Hank would be happy to spend the holiday with you, but first you will have to push him in the swing for 7 straight hours. And find his other shoe.

It's been a crazy few weeks, and we're gearing up for another crazy few, including two trips prompted by our day care provider's scheduled vacations. But we have this long weekend home and "Uncle Whitey" decided to pop in for a few days, so we are enjoying a few deep breaths at least! We got to enjoy some time with my lovely wife and Little Hank at our neighborhood "Tot Lot" (yup, it's the suburbs).


Our guns (Remington 58 Sportsman and Browning Gold Hunter) racked alone at the trap range!

Whitey and I shot a few rounds of clays over at the Loch Raven Skeet & Trap Club near my home. We have both been lazy about shooting since the end of waterfowl season, so I was impressed that we shot "decently" (bear in mind that I've never shot better than 22/25) and I can honestly say we hit more than we missed. Hey - it's early July. We both need to hit the archery range - badly - but can't quite make the time right now. We spent our time, as usual, laughing about past run-ins with the law, ridiculous ex-girlfriends, watching sports - this time the amazing soccer game between Germany and Argentina, and watching movies (Fargo, Step Brothers, and for laughs, The Tool Box Murders....God, that was horrible).


Empty trap range at 3pm on Saturday, July 3rd? Apparently so!


Whitey is enjoying some time off from his thesis and his students


Hank was more interested in checking out the ornamental millet than posing for this picture in the garden

The garden is hummin' and we are picking lettuce and holding our breath for the late summer veggies to start producing. My okra is getting ready to bloom, which is relieving. Peppers and tomatoes are doing their thing. Squash, cukes, and watermelons? Jury's out.

I hope you all have a wonderful, long, relaxing weekend outdoors! Happy 4th & enjoy being an American!

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