Sunday, August 8, 2010

The AWARD WINNING community garden plot and the Millet Thief

The garden plot, July 23. See other posts about the garden plot here
So, I'm still getting used to all the processes and protocols associated with community gardening and this week I was struck both positively and negatively (while hauling in a huge harvest of okra, carrots, and cherry tomatoes). On the positive side, I was awarded "most beautiful garden" at our "City Farm," which was nice. Other gardeners seemed to think it was a big deal, so I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't proud of myself and of my hard work this year. It's always nice to be recognized for your hard work! And for sure, if there was an award for "most bees," I would have won that as well (something I'm also proud of)!
On the negative end, someone came into my plot and cut off the heads of my Purple Majesty Millet, which I was growing for the birds at home. In the photo above, you can see the purple seed heads just in front of the sunflowers. I mean, stealing? From a community garden (the site is surrounded by a huge fence with a padlock, so another gardener was the thief)? That was pretty disappointing.
Some neighboring gardeners have allowed the whiteflies to overtake their broccoli and other crops, so as a result, I now have a whitefly problem as well, primarily on my tomatoes. Don't know what real options I have to deal with it effectively and safely this close to the harvest of so many veggies. Nonetheless, the garden continues to grow and apparently I'm firmly on the radar of the City administrators who run the program, which I suppose is a good thing. I tell you one thing, I won't be planting ornamental millet again. Damn you, millet thief! I hope your dried flower arrangement was full of scorpions!


biobabbler said...

1. GORgeous garden.

I'm always shocked when I find people lie, much less steal, which is why I figured early I'd never go into law enforcement (via NPS)--too gullible and don't want to be lied to all day.
However, on the upside, GORGEOUS GARDEN!

Kirk Mantay said...

Working as a wetland biologist, I've had the same awe throughout my career - watching folks either lie about the impacts to wetlands, or "embellish" the benefits of a proposed wetland. People seem to enjoy "getting away with something."

Thanks for the compliment, and on the upside, at least it was millet and not a watermelon or a crop of squash.

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