Monday, August 2, 2010

Down Home Virginny

So, we're wrapping up Mandatory Vacation #2 (Day Care Closure Week #2) and we decided to spend it with my family in southeastern Virginia, traditionally referred to as "Tidewater." I'm not real big on regrets, but I've always felt that it was unfortunate that for the first several years of my career, I couldn't find professional level work at a livable wage (i.e. enough for rent AND student loans). But we made our move to Maryland in late 1998, and it's so long done at this point...... sure is great to be back. Hank went to a "real" beach for the first time this week at - ironically - Cape Henry in Virginia Beach.
We've spent time helping the Tugboatdude move into his first purchased home, spent time with the Nutty Professor and his wonderful wife, my parents, and of course, a variety of old friends and even some new friends! The weather hasn't cooperated and we haven't cared.
Friends. It's great to be back and see how quickly a few smiles and a few beers make the stories flow - both new and old stories. How quickly we all remember why we were so close starting in 1980, or 1990, or 1995 and how ridiculous it is that our lives don't cross more often. With the Hankster approaching 1 year old (can you believe it?), maybe we're settling into a pattern and can spend more time with some of our favorite people again.
I'm just not sure whether we should do it with no guitars, or twice as many guitars next time!

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