Thursday, August 12, 2010

That Old Familiar August Post About How It's Too Hot and Too Dry and I Hope Fall Comes Soon

August on the lower eastern shore, 2008
Not to be confused with "that old familiar February post" where I complain and moan about the lack of outdoor opportunities available in the Mid-Atlantic between February 1 and April 15, this post is the one where, as I recall, we look forward with great anticipation to what opportunities cooler temperatures will bring. In 2009, this spanned several posts from August to October, but for reference, See 2008's "Down and Out" or 2007's "Drought Still Here."
This summer has been a supreme challenge. A baby in the house, the resultant financial pinch, and....drumroll....45 straight days of temperatures over 93 degrees. The total heat wave, minus one week when temperatures were in the "comfortable" 88-92 range (with 100% humidity of course), has spanned over 80 days now. I've not bothered with much fishing or scouting because it's just so freaking hot.
Well finally, it looks like my schedule and the weather may give me an opportunity to get out next week, in one form or another, on one day or another, if only for a few hours. I'm thankful for that - not frustrated that it's "not enough."
This fall I'd like to get back on the farm for some goose hunts, maybe just 2, and perhaps a September dove hunt, because I haven't been in 2 years. I feel like I need to go surfing at least once (I haven't caught a wave since Hank was born 10 months ago), and get a few more days (more likely, hours) of fishing in. That should carry me right up to our early December trip to South Florida. I don't think it's too terribly much to ask - so let's see if schedule, family, and weather are ready to cooperate!


Unknown said...

I can relate to the heat! I'm from South Georgia. Found this blog through another site. I look forward to following!

Kirk Mantay said...

Thanks buddy - hopefully the weather will break at some point and I will have some more entertaining tales about fishing and hunting!

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