Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In the Land of Giant Creatures

Female Differential Grasshopper on Millet "Purple Majesty"
Wow, it has been a challenging few weeks. Several big deadlines at both jobs and Hank's first birthday party coming up on saturday. I've had my nose to the grindstone, but every time I pick it up, it seems like another gigantic creature is about to attack me. The above grasshopper was hanging out in the garden. I'll be getting afield again soon, but enjoy the gigantism in the meantime!
The Norway Rat we had been calling "Mega Rat" from last November until just the other night
There's no reference for size here, but this hunting spider in family Gnaphosidae was about 2 inches long and hunting crickets on our neighbor's sidewalk. I saw him from about 100 feet away, in the dark!
This collection of absurdly long creatures is an indication that an uprising against "The Man" will happen soon! Or not, you know, because The Man has a good health plan and flex time.


Unknown said...

I would have shot the rat AND the Spider. Wow!

Kirk Mantay said...

Ha ha, no kidding. The spiders (and garter snakes) have finally shown up to deal with our millions of crickets that flourished in the drought this year. If it would ever rain, I bet the toads would show up too.

biobabbler said...

almost as enjoyable as your post are your labels for same. =)

dennfinn said...

DUDE - did you shoot that rat?? Good Aim, man, good aim.

Kirk Mantay said...

Ha, either that, or it's an artful rendering of an exit wound on a very sleepy rat. I'm not saying which.

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