Monday, September 27, 2010

The Weather Breaks....Subtly

Austrian Field Peas Comin' Up
Amongst all the party planning at home and insanity at work, fall may have really decided to set in. Now, I was surprised by this event for a few reasons. First and least surprisingly, the forecasters did not predict it at all. Second, just 5 days ago, we had three more consecutive days over 90 degrees - as my fall crops are sprouting! Now, it's been raining for 48 hours and temperatures have not eclipsed 75.
I have tried three times in the last 5 weeks to plant lettuce and spinach in the garden. The first two times were both beset by blazing temperatures and a lack of rain. The third time seems to have taken. Both the lettuce (Winter Density) and spinach (Space Spinach) have germinated, and since then, it's rained for 3 days straight - and prior to that, I was watering heavily. After my first sowing of Mammoth Red Clover struggled in the heat, I broadcast some more seed, and I hope the clover will finally do what it's supposed to do. Afraid of the heat, I planted Austrian Field Peas on September 15th, and they had germinated by the 23rd.

Winter Density Lettuce (left) and Space Saver Spinach (right)
My spinach and lettuce plantings are about 10% of what I plan to put in the ground, but I'm just happy that something is growing again. I didn't include a picture of the garden because it's in what we ecologists call a "transitional state." The difference between late July and late September is pretty shocking, though. Yes, the okra and squash, the sunflowers and cucumbers, all of them standard bearers of summer, are gone - harvested to death, and composted.
Fall is coming.


biobabbler said...

=) Nice. The ONLY thing I have newly planted this "fall" (quotes 'cause it's going to be over 100 dF today--arf!) is broccoli, but your post is a great reminder to KEEP PLANTING. I've never really done a fall/winter garden and your tiny plants are an inspiration. I like to use the phrase "not camera-ready" for things when they're a little unkempt, shall we say. =)

Leigh, Andrea Leigh Gil said...

The large garden has been bush hogged and the raised beds are planted... now we are waiting ANY.DAY.NOW. for something to sprout. This is the second time I planted spinach this fall... I think my seeds are duds.

Kirk Mantay said...

Definitely keep planting! Our weather right now is either 90+ degrees, or downpouring rain...neither are suitable for the next (much larger) fall planting....we'll get there soon, though!

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