Friday, October 15, 2010

Down Time is Not Allowed!

Rain. Big rain. Gunpowder River, Maryland
So what do I do when I have an extra 60 minutes during the day inbetween business obligations? On a day when the barometer is dropping like a stone and the air and water temperatures are both in the 60s, I get outdoors. No question. Such a phenomenon appeared on my schedule (at the last minute) this week and I couldn't help myself - I had to try to get out. Unfortunately, the pressure kept dropping and the skies opened up as I was putting on my boots alongside the Gunpowder River in central Maryland.

Yup - not exactly a passing shower
So I also threw on my uninsulated rain bibs and headed down to the river's edge. I tossed a good variety of lures, with a 2.5" YUM Pumpkin Craw getting a HUGE strike but no solid hookup. All in all, I lasted about 25 minutes before everything started leaking and I noticed that I was giving off steam. Time to go back to work. BAH!
Hey buddy, I hope you don't catch anything either!
But do you see the leaves on the trees? Fall is around the corner, mi amigos. And I don't regret that I gave it a shot. Been awhile since I haven't caught a single fish, but I guess this was my day.

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