Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Getting Stuff Done

Tidal wetland creation in southern Maryland
So, here it is again- the season of getting things done, getting outdoors, and trying to time the weather just right. Summer had no choice but to relent, given the challenge of two coastal storms in 5 days, who brought with them 13 inches of rain. As the sky clears and the air pressure stabilizes, things are getting really hectic.
At work, we are trying to get as much habitat restoration done as possible before seasonal in-water construction restrictions come into play (ranging from October 1 in some trout waters, to November 15 in heavily-used waterfowl roosting areas, to February 1 in anadromous spawning waters). These restrictions don't let up until April to June, so it's imperative to get as much done now as possible.
At home, we're trying to regroup after Hank's birthday party and the backlog of home projects that ensued. This is also my wife's favorite season to be outdoors, so we have a lot of "fall activities" planned that generally involve apples, pumpkins, and hay; as well as baked goods and alcohol involving the former two. The garden is basically planted for winter, assuming that the newest round of spinach, lettuce, and pea seeds are successful.
Things are getting ready to happen afield, too. Successful October days in the woods or water are very inconsistent for me - a result of the hard to predict whims of fish, ducks, deer, wind, tides, and waves in these rapidly changing weather patterns. I'm planning on some fishing in the next few days, and we are also building a new waterfowl blind on the river where I hunt over on the eastern shore. There is promise yet!
I hope you are all having a great autumn so far and the season is starting to show its colors where you live. Thanks for stopping by.

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Michael Agneta said...

Autumn is a great time of year. Your wife and mine seem to have a few interests in common - apples, pumpkins, and their booze. It's almost time to hit up the orchard for the annual fall bounty of goodness.

BTW, very cool pic from work as well.

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