Thursday, October 28, 2010

Indian Summer Afternoon at Loch Raven

T enjoys a Macanudo and watches a wide range of shooting talent
Every time Brother T prepares to roll into Baltimore, there's an excited, several-weeks long discussion of "What will we do outside?!" Last weekend was no exception. But with both of our nerves tired and frayed from life and work, we began to dismiss more activities than we started to plan. Quail Preserve Shoot at Gunpowder Game Farm? Naw, too expensive. Last day of early duck season? Naw, too warm. Deer hunt? Too warm. Saltwater fishing on the Bay? Too windy. Bass fishing on Loch Raven? Naw, too windy and just a bit cool. I don't know that we've ever been so unmotivated. And I'm pretty sure we'll regret our October laziness if T visits in February when there's nothing to do, period.
So we slept late and eventually wandered over to Loch Raven Trap & Skeet once again. We packed a cooler of various sport drinks and ice tea formulations, a few cigars, and a few cases of ammo. For once - and as a direct result of bowing out of all other activities - it was nice to take our time and not hurry from one outdoor venue to the next. We only shot four rounds over the course of three hours, but we took time to chat about repeatedly missed shots, timing, and placement, which, again, is a welcome change from our usual hurried pace. Both of our scores bounced around the same numbers, and I'm beginning to get confused at why my trap scores with the 20ga. Gold Hunter are higher than more scores with any 12ga. shotgun (which technically offers more speed and 1/3 more shot).
These are among life's "good problems to have," so I don't plan on fretting too much about it. Relaxing, in the busy fall season, and with a toddler in the house, is a rare feeling. No regrets about taking an afternoon to enjoy the feeling.


tugboatdude said...

Had a great time and I have a renewed confidence in my shooting abilities.It was nice to just take it easy but yes looking back we should have tried to squeeze another activity in.

Kirk Mantay said...

Ha - I just went back and looked at how I shot with the 20ga the first time I took it out.

"Renewed confidence" is the best term for it!

Sleeping in was nice - don't get to do that much anymore! It's like its own activity nowadays!

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