Monday, October 18, 2010

Now a Blog of Note? Possibly. Featuring Words of Wisdom? Less likely.

To my regular readers, and those who regularly steal - I mean borrow permanently without asking or recognition - my photos and content - I'm trying to be a little more participatory in my blogging and possibly expand my composition skills a bit. This means actually asking other people what they think of my blog and how I could improve it. True, there's something to be said for not messing with over three years of mediocrity.....but why not?
One of the groups I ran across was a blog called Words of Wisdom who regularly showcase blogs that they consider to be "of substance." You are reading their selected blog (yay!) for October 18, 2010. Please check out their page if you haven't already!
To Words of Wisdom readers who have followed over from the jump, please take a few minutes to poke around, kick the tires, and let me know what you find entertaining and not-so-much out of what I've thrown together in the last few years. I am always trying to improve my writing, so have at it. As you may be picking up already, I am an outdoors maniac. I have been one for as long as I can remember. My faulty memory, hectic lifestyle, and need for a good journal of my travels and lessons kind of pushed me into blogging in 2007. And here I still am.

Pam & Sandy from Words of Wisdom asked me to list my three favorite posts. With almost 300 under my belt, that's a challenge. Among my favorite AND those receiving the highest traffic are:

Goose Ground Zero - Maryland's Eastern Shore ( January, 2009)
C&O Canal at Great Falls of the Potomac (November, 2009)
Light Tackle Lunchbreak on the Chickahominy (June, 2009)
No Alligators in Virginia. Zero. None (May, 2010)
South Carolina Low Country, Day 2 (April, 2009)
Cicada Killer, Qu'est Que C'est? (July, 2009) - still not sure why this receives so much traffic!

Thanks for stopping by & be sure to introduce yourself!


Unknown said...

Welcome to the WOW Club. I was also a BON a little while back. It will bring you some readers.

Leigh, Andrea Leigh Gil said...

Very cool! I will check it out!

Lora said...

hi! congratulations on being today's BON!

i'm headed off to read some of your selected posts. i'm intrigued about alligators in virginia...

OJ Gonzalez-Cazares said...

congratulations on your BON! your pictures are cool and I'm impressed: how do you find time to blog with such an active outdoors life??? off to read some more!

Michael Agneta said...

Congrats. It's an honor well deserved. Always thought you wrote a well above average blog, glad to see you getting the recognition from others.

P.S. My blog can more than handle your former quota of mediocrity, so no worries there.

Jo Anna (Jo) Rae said...

The fact that you have time to painstakingly do your part for the eco-system as well as making time to blog astounds me and makes me a little ashamed.

However, with that banality said and out of the way, I am so proud to have stopped by and even more so that you're opening up your blog world a little wider to let us all peek inside.

A good glimpse is a voyeurs dream!

Thank you for sharing and thank you for your dedication -- in and out of blog.

Peace and serenity,
-'Rabbit Food: A Vegan Blog'
-'The End Of The Rainbow: Life After Bankruptcy'
-'Stranger Than Diction' -- my blog of my fictional writing

Anonymous said...

Congrats and well deserved indeed!

Kirk Mantay said...

Lora, OJ, and Jo - thanks for following the link over here! Please let me know if you have any thoughts about how I could improve content, photos, or even a simple format cleanup!

I'll stop by your blogs too :)

Kirk Mantay said...

Trey - good to know. I figure, it couldn't hurt, and maybe I could learn something in the process.

Kirk Mantay said...

TR - thanks for the compliments. I fell into writing as a result of work and grad school....I've never had a real writing class and sometimes it shows.

Blogging is an interesting format and I'm always eager for new tips on how to put together more cohesive posts. I'm almost embarassed by some of the early posts on here!

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