Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One Secret Old Tip for Building an Offshore Duck Blind

Step 415: Grab a bunch of bored buddies. Step 416: Get a bigger boat.
Just kidding! There is no one step. The first 414 real steps involve making sure you have the legal right to hunt the spot, have the right to site a permanent blind on the spot, and then have the permission of a half-dozen Federal, state, and local agencies to actually build the blind. Those steps take about 1 year; in our case, it took 3 years. We had been paying the state of Maryland for a few years for the right to erect a permanent offshore blind in the creek. The "young bucks" (sad - we're all 28 to 42) of our hunting club got together on a saturday and finally made it happen. The landowner was able to secure three used 20' x 12" telephone poles (full of nails and bolts, of course). The guy selling them to us was nice enough to cut them into 10' sections. Then we just had to get them down the 80' cliff to the creek!
OK, that part's done
We rented a hydraulic jet pump. None of us had ever used one before. We got it put together and figured out in about 20 minutes. Six brilliant minds at work! Slowly, the posts went in.

Another portrait of safety
Within a few hours, we had six poles in, each 5-6' deep in the sand. While this seems like an obvious case of overkill for a 10' x 6' duck blind, the late winter ice in this creek is no laughing matter, and has torn duck blinds to shreds before.

At least we know the pilings will be there next spring!

38 days until goose season


Unknown said...

good luck. It looks great so far!

Kirk Mantay said...

We'll see Trey - at least the ice won't tear it loose and dump it out in the Federal channel of the Chesapeake Bay. 30 days!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well did you get it finished.
How was the hunting this year, if you did get it completed.
And did it hold up in the ice this year.
Thinking of trying to build one this summer.

Kirk Mantay said...

It did get finished, and it looked great! Unfortunately, we had a BRUTAL early winter and the creek froze over around December 1 and never opened back up. Disappointing!

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